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You Don't Know Jack

Wait! Don't worry, I'm not going to spam you every other day, I just want to tell you a little bit about me.

A bit about me...
A professional publicist, athlete, writer and self-professed technology geek, Jack Hardy is a northern California native -- San Jose to be more exact. He began his professional public relations career at a San Francisco-based PR agency after leaving an unfulfilling computer hardware career at Hewlett Packard headquarters in Palo Alto where downtime in the 1980's was spent playing a pinball machine hidden in a storage room directly beneath Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard's offices. H-P served fresh fruit in the afternoons and with the sandwich leftovers from meetings, his food bill was very low.

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Jack Hardy, APR
niche public relations
P.O. Box 872257
Vancouver, WA 98687

Situation: Specialty Heating & Cooling needed marketing help to re-establish its brand identity.

Actions: I recommended a Search Engine Marketing strategy, spearheaded an effort to redo the corporate identity, logo and signage. Hired talent, conducted photoshoots and managed a design agency.

Results: A much friendlier and improved business image. More visibility for plain white service vehicles. Introduced the company to local media contacts and helped provided photography for sales collateral.


Specialty Heating and CoolingSpecialty Heating and Cooling

We serve clients who have a need to promote themselves, their products or services and have a growing need to communicate with a specific market segment – hence the name 'niche public relations.' We'll help you identify and communicate with people who will help you grow your business, buy or sell your products or who want to adopt better habits of saving money, acting environmentally responsible or lead healthier, more productive lives.

Here's how we can help:

Consulting: We can help you write a realistic business plan. We can research the market for your products or services and help you identify the best market opportunity

Here's how we work:

Research: We evaluate your business strengths and weaknesses and determine key messages. This entails meeting with top management, key customers and evaluating your services and communication strategies and goals.

Action Planning: Based on the research, we design an innovative plan of action with key objectives and tactics to reach out to specific audiences.

Communications: We'll work through the right channels to outreach to the appropriate audiences and help cultivate relationships with the right people.

Evaluation: We'll take a hard look at the lessons learned and adjust the marketing and communication efforts as necessary to achieve the intended results.

Budget: We’ll identify the project, deliverables and determine a fixed monthly retainer. This eliminates surprises and guesswork.